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Caring. With you every step of the way.

For many couples and individuals your arrival at this point has already been a long path filled with emotional highs and lows. During your time with us we aim to provide a secure, supportive and stable environment to work with you towards achieving your family aspirations.

Our staff to patient ratio is higher than those of larger centres which means we can devote more attention to your case. Enjoy the individual attention of your fertility specialist, nurses and laboratory technicians through every step of your treatment.

Most importantly of all, with Reproductive Medicine Albury, you are not alone.



Dr. Carola Mulitze FRANZCOG DDU Lecturer

Dr Mulitze qualified as an Obstetrician / Gynaecologist in Germany in 2004 and
relocated with her family to Australia in 2006. Since then she has been working
at the Royal Hobart Hospital and Albury Wodonga Health. She
gained Fellowship with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of
Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2012 and joined Reproductive Medicine
Albury in 2013. Dr Mulitze completed her Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in April 2016.

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Fertility Specialist


Dr Trixie Rasmuson MD FRCS(Can) FRANZCOG(Aust)

Born in the Yukon Territory, Canada, Dr Rasmuson studied science and philosophy at University of Calgary before entering medicine. She completed her surgical specialty training in Halifax, Nova Scotia and had a practice in high & low risk obstetrics and general gynaecology in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

On moving to Australia, she focused her practice to gynaecology and IVF. In 2011 she opened Care Gynaecology where her practice cares for clients with infertility, menstrual disturbances, menopause issues, precancer cervix changes and urinary incontinence and prolapse. She is passionate about providing a supportive and a caring environment for all patients and caregivers. She lives on a rural property outside of Albury and is married with 3 busy, young sons

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Fertility Specialist


Ben Smith

• Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Biological Science) (Deakin University, Geelong)
• 1997 – joined Reproductive Medicine Albury
• 1999 – Moved to The London Gynecology and Fertility Centre to work with Professor Ian Craft
• 2001 – Scientific and Laboratory Director of Ballarat IVF
• 2010 – Rejoined Reproductive Medicine Albury
• Member of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) and Scientists in Reproductive Technology (SIRT)

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Laboratory Supervisor


Paddy Mohan
• Paddy has 25 years’ experience in human IVF, training at the Hallam Medical Centre in Harley Street, London – one of the first IVF clinics established in the UK.
• In 1995 Paddy was appointed Scientific Director at The London Women’s Clinic. During his time there he also provided embryology consultancy services in several countries including Turkey, Serbia and Sri Lanka.
• Paddy moved to Australia and became IVF Laboratory Director at Reproductive Medicine Albury in January 2001. After spending a year at Genea in Sydney Paddy returned to Reproductive Medicine Albury in February 2016.
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Senior Embryologist


Simon Aiken

• Qualifications: Masters of Clinical Embryology (Monash University), Graduate Diploma in Reproductive Science (Monash University), Bachelor of Science – Biochemisty, Genetics and Molecular Biology (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ)
• Member of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) and NSW SIRT (Scientists in Reproductive Technology) representative.
• 2006 – Joined Fertility Associates Wellington, NZ
• Simon joined Reproductive Medicine Albury in 2008

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Primmie Hannaford

• Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical and Applied Biotechnology) (Charles Sturt University)
• 1999 – Sydney IVF
• 2002 – Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre, UK
• 2004 – Sydney IVF
• 2006 – joined Reproductive Medicine Albury
• Member of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) and Scientists in Reproductive Technology (SIRT)

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Rachael Colvin

• Qualifications: Master of Clinical Embryology (Monash University), Graduate Diploma in Reproductive Sciences (Monash University), Bachelor of Health Sciences – Public Health and Pathology (The University of Western Australia)
• Rachael joined Reproductive Medicine Albury in 2017

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Nicole Hunter
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Cheryl Hinsley
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