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Determined. A desire to see your goals achieved.

The pregnancy rate in the general population is 20% per month. This means that the average time taken to conceive is 5 months and 85% of couples conceive after 1 year.

15% of achieved pregnancies will end in pregnancy loss because of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Some couples who are not quite as fertile may take longer to achieve a pregnancy, although they are still able to do this without ever having fertility treatment.

Fertility treatment is an intensive experience that requires a large emotional investment. We encourage you to visit us and to meet our fertility specialists. Sit and discuss your family aspirations and talk over your chances of achieving a pregnancy with Reproductive Medicine Albury.

Once it is determined that assisted reproductive treatment is required there are several avenues open to you with Reproductive Medicine Albury. We use up-to-date medical treatments to help you achieve a normal pregnancy.

Accessing treatment through our clinic will help couples:

  • Reassess their fertility plans
  • Understand the reasons for their difficulty in conceiving
  • Gain evidence based assessment of their pregnancy chances taking into consideration their age and their infertility cause.
  • Understand that the treatment process may involve a series of procedures over many months

To reduce the stress that you may experience while undertaking planning and treatment for your infertility, we aim to provide services which will minimize the time spent away from other commitments.