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Pre IVF Fertility Testing

Good news for NSW residents, the NSW Government have introduced a Pre IVF Fertility Testing Rebate of $500.

This is part of the NSW Government’s election commitment to improve affordability and access to IVF services in NSW.
What this means is eligible patients will have access to a rebate of $500 for any out-of-pocket expenses relating to Pre-IVF Fertility testing, such as:

  • An AMH Test (Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test)
  • A pelvic ultrasound
  • An ovulation test
  • Semen analysis


Who is eligible?

Any resident of NSW is eligible for the rebate, as long as you are confirmed by your Fertility Specialist to have:

a) A fertility issue and;
b) An out-of-pocket expense that relates to fertility testing.
A fertility specialist can confirm these requirements by completing the rebate form.

The rebate is available for any out-of-pocket fertility testing expense which has occurred since 1st October 2019.

Your $500 rebate is accessible via Service NSW, to access your rebate you will need to apply online via Service NSW.
You will need the following to complete your application:

  • A Service NSW Account – You can create an account here
  • Your Medicare Card
  • Your rebate form signed by your Fertility Specialist
  • Receipt for your out-of-pocket expenses as paid by you already for fertility testing
  • Your bank account details

Please note: Fertility testing includes tests for women and men, however, only women can lodge the claim through Service NSW for the rebate. The rebate is only available once. The fertility testing receipt you provide when claiming the rebate must show the out-of-pocket cost incurred.
For more information, head to Service NSW.